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  • How to hack Facebook account ?

    Most of us people want to hack Facebook account for many reasons but Hacking Facebook account is not that easy as eating banana. However we can hack Facebook account by using some techniques even though we are not great hackers. In procedure of thinking to hack Facebook account Most of people suffer from these below doubts.
    1.How does this Happen?
    2.How do hackers hack Facebook Account?
    3.Which methods to hack Facebook Account do
    they Follow?
    Well the answer is very simple within the methods listed below.

    Methods to Hack Facebook Account

    1)Keyloggers Attack
    This is most easiest from the methods to hack Facebook account. Keyloggers are specially designed to record all the keystrokes performed on the Computer where it is Installed. It can also perform additional tasks depending on the type of keyloggers such as taking screenshots after regular interval, recording all user id’s along with their passwords, logging all the passwords stored on the computer etc. These loggers can be easily installed using remote installation if the attacker has your IP address. Windows Firewall does not allow to let access these keyloggers but it is not impossible to do so.
    2)Phishing Attack
    This is quite tough among the methods to hack Facebook account. Phishing attack is carried out by making fake Login Pages. Attacker sends Fake Login Pages to your E-Mail id and asks you to Login with Facebook. The Link which they send you has quite familiar URL but not exact which is difficult to grasp sometimes with one look. Attackers design this page so Genuine way that it Just looks like Original so we do not hesitate to Login. Now when we login to this Page, the Login details are sent to the Attacker and we are redirected to our Homepage which creates no Doubt is users Mind.

    3)Scripting Attack
    Scripting Attack is one of those methods to hack Facebook account which are mostly followed by GEEKS(True Programmers.) Hence this is the method you should be worried about most. Attacker sends you any file mostly an Image File link which when clicked sends all your Login Details to the Attacker. These links work when you are logged in to Facebook Account. Also some Attackers use such scripts to install Loggers to Your Computer which might record all your activities and send it to the attacker.
    4)Fake Hacking Tricks Attack

    To do this trick, you must have 3 Facebook account and those accounts must be in  your victims friend list . Follow the below steps carefully

    1-Collect few information about the victim's Facebook account i.e. email address & username
    2-After collecting ,go to and click on forgot password

     3- Now you will be redirected to a new page where you will have to fill up a form with victim's email address , username & Facebook name  and then click on search.

    4-Now in the new page just click on no longer have access to this?

    5-After that, Facebook will ask you to enter new email address. Just enter your email id or create a new one for safety purpose . After filling up, click on submit.

    6-Than Facebook will promote you to enter the Security question. Simply enter 3-4 wrong answers and it will take you to the 3 trusted friends recovery page. Click on continue.

    7- Now select your 3 Facebook accounts one by one and after selecting, Facebook will send security codes to those accounts. Just enter those codes and you will get password resetting email from Facebook in your email account.

    NOTE: DO NOT USE these methods to hack Facebook Account to attack or Hack. This Article is strictly for Study Purpose and not to Provoke hacking. Using these methods to Hack Facebook Account will be Considered as a Cyber Crime. Any methods Implemented or Altered to Perform Hacking Websites or Applications Might lead to Serious Offenses for which we are Not responsible.

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