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  • How to make Free Phone Calls from PC using Google Voice

    Google Voice lets you connect with friends, family and professional contacts in the U.S. and Canada from your computer, free of charge. Just use your computer’s microphone to call friends abroad at low international rates or domestically for free.


    Google Voice is especially helpful if you'll be changing your phone number in the near future. You can create a Google Voice number that will never change, and then forward calls to other phones if you move or get a new mobile or home phone number. If you have a .mil address, calls to the U.S. are free from your Gmail account.

    Go to Google Voice

    1. Take a tour of Google Voice to learn how it works before creating your Google Voice account.

    2. Sign up for a Google Voice account
      1. Go to and sign in to your Google Account.
      2. After you sign in to your account, choose the option to get a new Google number, then decide which of your phones you want to ring when people call it (your mobile phone, home phone, etc.). You can add more forwarding phone numbers later if you'd like.
      3. Follow the prompts to choose a number and complete setup.


      When you're done creating a Google Voice account, you're ready to make and receive calls. You can also customize your account to manage various phones, set custom voicemail greetings, and set call rules for different contacts.

    3. Make and receive calls

      Now you're ready to make calls to and receive calls at your Google Voice number. You can make and receive calls either within Google Voice or with the Google Voice mobile app.

      To make and receive calls within Google Voice, follow these steps:

      1. Go to
      2. Click the Call button and choose the phone you want to call from.

      3. If you don't see the Call or Text button in Google Voice when you log in, click Upgrade My Account to complete the Google Voice signup (it's free).
      4. We'll call your phone, then connect you through to the number you dialed.

      To receive calls, send your Google Voice number to your personal and professional contacts. When they call your Google Voice number, your phone will ring and connect to voicemail based on the customized call rules you've set for your contacts.

      To make and receive calls with the Google Voice app on your phone, follow these steps:

      1. Create your Google Voice account (see steps above).
      2. On your phone's web browser, go to to install the app on your phone.
      3. Make calls using the dialpad inside the Google Voice app. When you place a call, Google Voice will call your Google Voice number and you must accept the call to connect.

      Please note that calls made from the Google Voice app will use minutes on your mobile phone plan. With the app you can also listen to and read your voicemail, send free text messages andmore.

      Free calls can only be made within the U.S. Outside of the U.S., calls can still be made for practically nothing.

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