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  • Top 10 Best Operating Systems for PC

    If you’re using a computer then odds are you can name at least one operating system out of the top of your head. Windows, right? Can you think of any other? Linux, perhaps? Mac OS X, maybe? It probably rings a bell but unless you are working with these operating systems or have used them in the past, I am willing to wager that you have no idea what they are and what difference does it make. I bet you think Linux is just one operating system. Let me clear things out for you and tell you what my Top Ten Best Operating Systems for Computers are.



    1.Windows 7


    3.Windows XP Professional

    4.Macintosh OSX

    5.Windows 8

    Top Ten Operating Systems for Computers

    6.Windows Vista

    7.Linux Mint





    see List of Operating Systems (wiki)

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